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Colorado Springs Access Control

Access control systems allow door entry and exit to authorized credentialed users, without the hassle of lost keys and lock replacement.

  • Systems can be as small as one door controlled locally and expanded to include hundreds of doors and the potential to remotely control multiple locations.
  • Access can be layered so that one user can have complete access to every door and a second user may have restricted access to only part of a building at a certain time of day.
  • Access control also offers an extra layer of security as a controlled door can be monitored to trigger an alarm if the door is forced open or held open too long after being unlocked.
  • High security areas may require a vestibule with two controlled doors to deter someone from simply following an authorized user through a door.

That is just the whole concept of card access, but if there is a power outage and the battery back –up is dead? Don’t worry, we got you cover, we can add an alternate energy solar or wind power. Whether you need security for a single door or multiple doors. If you need the ability to run time and card swipe reports to keep track of your employees or not. Sim-One Technology has you covered.

Door card systems are innovative solutions that allow you to track and limit door entry, creating a safe environment for you and your employees. Sim-One Technology serves any industry with a door; residential; hospitality; commercial and or industrial spaces all can benefit from the daily security that a controlled access system provides.

Our professional will meet with you to understand your entrance and exit requirements. You can have the ability to track entry and exit, restrict access by time or date, sound an alarm if the door is left open or forced open, and each credential can be deactivated easily.

  • Installation and Maintenance services
  • Single Door control-systems
  • Multi-Door control systems
  • Smart Card systems; PIN access
  • Biometric