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Let's face it; most everyone has a room in their home that is use for entertainment, such as watching TV. But, the room is a certain size, right? So, why pay for the audio equipment to put out enough sound to fill an auditorium or buy a projector that's designed to fill a screen twice as big as you need? We can design a package that will fit most customers' needs for less money than they think they need to spend. The bottom line is, we can design a system that fits your room, needs and budget without wasting money on equipment that you will never use to its full potential.

You can walk in to any electronics retailer and buy the equipment you think fits your needs or trust an hourly salesperson to lead you in the right direction. But, if the wrong products are purchased and they don't have the features you need or have so many extra features that you can't figure out how to use them, then their not a good value. Let one of our specialists assist you in product selection and installation so that you can enjoy using your new equipment.

We can take the confusion out of all the new, daily changing technology and give you a system that is as simple as one button operation. Even if you don't need new equipment and you simply need someone to make sense of the equipment you currently own, call us and let us put the entertainment back into your entertainment system.


We are not a storefront retailer; we have access thru numerous distributors to virtually any product and any brand at competitive prices. No storefront means low overhead and we pass that savings on to you.

From audio / video equipment, seating and decor, cables and accessories to automation and structured wiring we have you covered.

We offer any high technology option for your home you can imagine even Central Vac, Data Networking and Security.

We can pre-wire your new homes during construction too.

Multi-room audio:

is one of the hottest and most enjoyable trends in home technology today. Jazz in the kitchen, pop in the kids' room, and rock on the deck during a BBQ will bring your house to life. These are the advantages of a whole house audio system. To build such a system you need to understand what is going on behind the scenes.

All multi-room audio systems require source devices. These devices are typically a CD Changer, FM Radio, XM Radio, Ipod, or other music device.

A simple audio system allows you to adjust the volume of one device in the room you are in. For example, a single-source audio system may have a CD Changer attached to it. From each room, you would be able to adjust volume, but not skip to the next track or disk.

More advanced systems will allow you to change sources. You could have the CD Changer playing in the kitchen and the XM radio playing in the bedroom.

Our systems allow you to actually control the source devices you are listening to. From each room you are able to skip to the next song, change channels, or perform other activities as if the source device was in the room with you.

When combined with an automation system your music will be taken to the next level. We can program the system to play a certain CD when you wake up in the morning, and another selection while you are making breakfast.

When a family member arrives home, music of their choice can automatically come on in the kitchen, their bedroom, or other room.

Do you work at home? Have you found the right balance between enjoying your music and not letting it interfere with phone calls? With our system you can play the music as loud as you want, but when the phone rings the music will automatically mute. When you hang up the phone, the music starts playing again, all without touching a button.