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Colorado Springs Voice and Data

The growth of home or business offices and the surging reach of the Internet demand increasingly sophisticated wiring systems. As new technologies emerge, having a home or business pre-wired will make all the difference.

Our networks will allow you to have computer, telephone, Voip, cable, DSL, satellite TV, home entertainment - even devices not yet developed - throughout your home or business.

Voice and data systems are the backbone of virtually every type of business from a small retail store to a large university. Planning is essential to any project. We value our clients’ needs very personally. There is no job too big or too small. Sim-One Technology will sit down with you to discuss the details and evaluate the alternatives prior to generating a quote. This meeting is conducted with you as a walk through to ensure every concern and or idea that you have is communicated.

  • Voice and Data Cabling: Choose from a variety of voice and data cabling systems that meet the needs of your business.

Our qualified technicians will help you understand how to get the most out of technology investments by designing structured wiring solutions that reduce operating costs while providing a sound framework for future growth.

We provide a single source responsibility for Voice/Data copper and fiber cabling.

*Small business VoIP phone systems are more flexible and less expensive than traditional business phone systems. While it's true that the earliest business VoIP phones had issues with voice quality and dropped calls, improvements in connectivity and VoIP phone equipment have largely resolved those issues. The bottom line? When setting up a small business phone system, you should absolutely consider going with an all-VoIP phone system.

  • VoIP Cabling- Set up or upgrade to a reliable cabling infrastructure that supports voice, data, video, and security systems.

Reach out to Sim-One Technology to resolve your voice and data needs. We will enable your organization to effectively communicate. Residential:

  • Installations; cabling
  • Phones
  • Cable and Broadband
  • Automation/ Surveillance/ Security


  • Voice/Data Cabling (Cat5e, Cat6), Fiber Optics, Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi), etc.
  • Network, Equipment or Technology Upgrades
  • Telephone room cabling large or small; Conduit Installation
  • Analog or VOIP Phone System
  • Site Surveys, Project Planning, SOW Definition

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