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Englewood Fire and burglar Alarms

Fire Alarm– We engineer, install, upgrade, program, inspect, test, service, troubleshoot and monitor fire suppression, fire alarm and burglar alarm systems for commercial, industrial, government and residential markets on various alarm systems such as
Notifier, Simplex, Autocall, Gamewell, Fire Lite, Bosch, GE, Ademco, Fike,EST and Silent Knight- From ADA upgrades, to consulting of new installation to service calls of current alarm systems.

From Conventional, Addressable to a whole Network Fire alarm system, we are here for you.

We monitor your system 24/7 to detect any false or true alarms, Troubles or supervisory, power outage or tempering, fire pump, shunt trip or flooding, just to insure the safety of your people and your establishment.

Our Monitoring Service can be wireless via GSM, CDMA or hardwired via Analog phone lines, IP address.

Our system installation and services:

  • Smoke Detection
  • Elevator Recalls
  • Pull Stations
  • Water flow Detection
  • Horn/Speaker/Strobe
  • HVAC Shut Down
  • Fail Safe or Secure
  • Flammable Gas Detection
  • Flame Detection
  • Heat Detection
  • Air Sampling Detection
  • High Rise/Fireman Phone
  • Linear Heat Detection
  • Optical Flame
  • Beam Smoke Detection

We are factory trained in FAAST: Fire Alarm Aspiring Sensing Technology

Protect your IT Rooms, your Library, your Warehouse, your Freezer. We can detect the a fire before it happens.

Burglar Alarm:

We are not only protecting you against natural catastrophe, but we are also protecting you against vandalism. We provide a whole line of rugged and accurate equipment to keep you safe. We have over 20years of business experience and have been working closely with Federal and Local Authorities Having Jurisdiction to reinforce the applicable codes to protect all lives and your assets. From Banks, Warehouses, Office Buildings, Shopping Plazas, Construction sites…to residential houses, we are your VIRTUAL GUARDIAN ANGELS or your PROTECTORS.